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Grounded Sole - A Guided Self Care Experience

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A guided relaxation technique to calm the mind and soothe your soles.

After you've cared for everyone around you, what do you have left for you?

When do you give yourself a moment to rest, recover and replenish?

Book an Ekow Body "Grounded Sole" session to reset from the ground up. This guided session is built for the recovery of your feet, the hardest working part of your body.

A full sensory experience, it is enhanced by aromatherapy, and music you can feel.

Quiet your mind.
Tune in with your body.
Relief is a gift.

Grounded Sole is a powerful blueprint for how to care for yourself.

No more staring at your selfcare pile, and giving up in frustration.

Now you'll know exactly what to do:

To reset after a long day.
To recover from a long week.
To replenish for what comes next.


      Grounded Sole is a guided experience created by wellness and body care expert, Candice Dormon, the CEO & Founder of Ekow Body. Her zone of genius is in identifying common challenges, normalizing them to reduce shame, and teaching powerful strategies to overcome discomfort.

      Grounded Sole is perfect for:

      individuals/ couples
      gatherings/special events
      Intergenerational family gatherings

          Incorporate the Grounded Sole experience into your event, or let's make an event out of this session! Contact with questions or special requests including tent and lounge chairs.