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Ekow Body

Ekow Classic Essentials Kit

Ekow Classic Essentials Kit

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Begin your skin care routine here.

Not sure how to get started? You're not alone.

The Ekow Classic Essentials removes overwhelm and puts you on a path to self care success.

Our 3 piece classic essentials kit includes:

  1. Lemon Calendula Face Bar (5.5 oz)
  2. Mahogany Face & Body Serum (2 oz)
  3. Mahogany Body Butter (8 oz)

Why you'll love this:

Hemp oil provides an overall calm for your skin. When mixed with potent botanicals, our products get to work especially while you rest.  Our serum and body butter  moisturize dry skin, reduce redness, and calm inflammation. Our soap is packed with skin brightening and firming natural ingredients.

Mahogany (orange bergamot) is a bright citrus blend perfect for an energy boost. 


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