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Ekow Body

Phase 1: Activate

Phase 1: Activate

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Our wellness program is built for a lifestyle transformation, but we know that can feel overwhelming all at once. To ease your mind, and reduce overwhelm, our program only requires 4-week commitments to ensure results. Anything less than that and you’re not giving yourself a chance to SEE your results.  


🏋️‍♂️Customized Action Plan: Say goodbye to the guesswork! I will whip up a plan tailored just for you, blending fitness, simple nutrition, and lifestyle tweaks to pave your way to total wellness. 

Includes 4 weekly accountability sessions. Each week we will discuss your progress to goals, challenges and provide support on your action plan.  


💪 Expert Guidance: Count on our team to be your ultimate cheerleader and accountability partner. Whether you're hitting a rough patch, struggling with motivation, or just need a tweak in your plan, we're here to lift you up every step of the way.

🌟 Boost Your Confidence: Say farewell to self-doubt! By focusing on both your physical and mental well-being, our program will have you shining like the star you are.

No more waiting around for that magic wand to appear. It's time to take charge of your wellness journey with Ekow Body Wellness. Let's make those dreams of yours a reality.

In-Person Sessions:

The Ekow Body Lounge is located in Erector Square, New Haven, CT by appointment only. 

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