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Ekow Body

Silicone Lip Massager

Silicone Lip Massager

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Lips need love.

Treat your lips to a relieving massage to recover from:

  • talking all day
  • living under a mask
  • sun exposure
  • grazing teeth (yours or theirs!)

The Silicone lip massager performs double duty.

1. the soft bristles help to lips and dislodge dead skin cells

2. the prickled pads stimulate the lips and activate blood circulation

Use this lip massager with the Ekow Body Lip Polish to give your lips the attention they deserve.


  • lip exfoliation
  • remove dead skin 
  • increase blood circulation
  • smooth & youthful lips


  • lightweight
  • simple to use
  • simple to clean
  • silicone bristles to cleanse
  • silicone numbs to massage

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